Building a Nation in Papua New Guinea by David Kavanamur+

Building a Nation in Papua New Guinea: Views of the Post-Independence Generation by David Kavanamur, Charles Yala, Quinton Clements
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Overview: At the beginning of the new century, twenty-five years since independence, many changes have occurred in Papua New Guinea, from the Bougainville civil war and internal political crises, to the many challenges posed by globalization and socio-political changes. This collection of essays, written by the post-independence generation of Papua New Guinea, articulates a vision for the future. It provides an overview of the history of the past twenty-five years, frankly assesses the state-of-the-nation, and addresses its future development. The essays within this volume offer divergent perspectives on the nation-building process across a wide variety of areas. Common to all, however, is the theme of nation building. All contributors see themselves as being part of a process that will ultimately answer the question: "Where to from here?"
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