Burning for His Dragon: Gay Paranormal Romance By Julian Clearwater [Audiobook]

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A three-alarm fire…in his pants. Better call a sexy fireman to blow it out!
ER nurse Mark Rollens is still grieving the death of his brother who died in the Dragon Floods five years ago. He’s been unable to connect with anyone, despite his best friend Jenny urging him to get a boyfriend already.
Dragon shifter Cyrus Luz is living a lie. After the Floods, he left his dragon kin to live among the humans as a firefighter. He wanted to save lives, not take them. He wanted to heal the sorrows of the humans, not make things worse.
When Cyrus saves Mark from a fire, their attraction is instantaneous. Cyrus wants to claim Mark as his own, but at the same time, he hates holding a piece of himself back, the secret that could destroy their love.
Will Mark be able to move past his hatred of the dragons to be with the man he loves? And will Cyrus be able to give all of himself to the man he wants nothing more than to protect and treasure?

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