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    Default The Truth About Making Smart Decisions!

    Release name: The Truth About Making Smart Decisions!
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    The Truth About Making Smart Decisions! JM4yvtzoggIzZuAuYMSfCcpFbuIuY7MH.jpgDetails:
    Robert E. Gunther - The Truth About Making Smart Decisions
    2008 | ISBN: 0132354632 | English | 188 pages | PDF | 1.5 MB
    Everything you need to know to make smarter, better decisions in business and in life!
    The truth about learning from your mistakes and those of others
    The truth about how sleep can help you make better decisions
    The truth about the power of acting decisively
    This book brings together 50 powerful truths about making better decisions: real solutions for the tough challenges faced by every decision-maker, in business and in life. You'll discover how to systematically prepare...



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