Buy the Change You Want to See by Jane Mosbacher Morris

Buy the Change You Want to See: Use Your Purchasing Power to Make the World a Better Place by Jane Mosbacher Morris, Wendy Paris
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Eager to change the world? Learn how you can have a greater social impact through your everyday purchases.

The money we routinely spend on food, clothes, gifts, and even indulgences is an untapped superpower. What would happen if we slowed down to make more thoughtful decisions about what we buy? For "mom and pop" stores across the country, and artisan and agricultural communities around the world, every purchase matters.

Consumers-whether individuals, small businesses, or corporations-are paying more attention than ever to how their goods are made; and retailers-large and small-are responding by investing in ethical and eco-friendly production. Yet figuring out which brands to support can feel overwhelming. Jane Mosbacher Morris has devoted her career to creatin economic opportunities for vulnerable communities around the world, and in this valuable book, she shares her passion and insights on how we, as consumers, can create positive change too.
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