Calculus-1: Course in Mathematics for the IIT-JEE and Other…

Calculus-1: Course in Mathematics for the IIT-JEE and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations
Publisher: Pearson
Date: 2011-11-09
ISBN-10: 8131761584
ISBN-13: 9788131761588
Language: English
Pages: 416
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Course in Mathematics: A Lecture-wise Approach is a complete resource that is designed to help students master mathematics for the coveted IIT-JEE, AIEEE, state-level engineering entrance exams and all other state senior secondary exams, in addition to the AISSSCE. This meticulously crafted and designed series reflects the command and authority of the authors on the subject. The series adopts an easy step-by-step approach to make learning mathematics at the senior secondary level a joyful experience.

Key Features:

Adopts a well-defined, meticulously planned and smartly structured learning approach. Includes lecture-wise tests that help revise each completed lecture. Contains Speed Accuracy Sheets that improve the speed and accuracy of students and help them revise key concepts. Provides innovative tips and tricks that are easy to apply and remember. Includes solved Topic-Wise Question Banks to enhance the comprehension and application of concepts.

Table Of Contents:

PART A FUNCTIONS Lecture 1 Definitions, Value of Functions Lecture 2 Domain and Range of Real Functions Lecture 3 Algebra of Functions Lecture 4 Mapping of Functions Lecture 5 Test Your Skills PART B LIMITS Lecture 1 Basic Definition, Evaluation of limits (Basic) Lecture 2 Evaluation of Limits Lecture 3 Test Your Skills PART C CONTINUITY Lecture 1 Evaluation of Continuity Lecture 2 Continuous Functions Lecture 3 Test Your Skills PART D DIFFERENTIABILITY Lecture 1 Existence of Derivatives Lecture 2 Test Your Skills PART E Differentiation Lecture 1 Simple Differentiation Lecture 2 Fundamental Theorems Lecture 3 Differentiation of Inverse Function PART F APPLICATIONS OF DERIVATIVES Lecture 1 Monotonic (Increasing and Decreasing) Functions Mean Value Theorem and Approximations Lecture 2 Rolle’s Theorem and Rate of Change of Quantities Lecture 3 Tangent and Normal F Lecture 4 Maxima and Minima 1 Lecture 5 Maxima and Minima 2 Lecture 6 Test Your Skills Show more Show less da4f7c350c29e4b93ea2d50f958f90eb File name: 8131761584.pdf ee0a81cf7d3996beea62d25b25469f83] Size: (4.90 MB) [/code]File name: 3hrb0.rar File size: 4.90 MB 148f89b43329014c6210c293f908c977 Size: (4.91 MB) File name: 3hrb0.rar File size: 4.91 MB collapseInfo-1-2] 817e1eaa284f0551cbef747a7546250a Size: (4.91 MB) File name: 3hrb0.rar File size: 4.91 MB