Cameron Douglas – Long Way Home

Cameron Douglas (Author, Narrator), "Long Way Home"
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From the scion of Hollywood royalty – son of Michael Douglas, grandson of Kirk Douglas – a moving, often shocking, ultimately inspiring memoir detailing his struggle to regain his dignity, humanity, and place in society after many years of drug abuse and almost eight years in prison.

Cameron Douglas is born into wealth, privilege, and comfort. His parents are glamorous jet-setters, his father a superstar, his mother a beautiful socialite, his grandfather a legend. On the surface, his life seems golden. But by the age of 30, he has taken a hellish dive: He’s become a drug addict, a thief, and – after a DEA drug bust – a convicted drug dealer sentenced to five years in prison, with another five years added to his sentence while incarcerated. Eventually, he will spend two years in solitary, where he manages, nonetheless, to hold fast to the brutal ethos of prison survival. until: he begins to reverse his savage transformation, to understand the psychological turmoil that has tormented him for years, and to prepare for what will be a profoundly challenging, but eventually deeply satisfying and successful, reentry into society at large.

Sparing no one in his sphere – least of all himself – Cameron Douglas gives us a raw and unstintingly honest recounting of his harrowing, remarkable, and, in the end, inspiring life story.