Canning and Preserving Cookbook by Molly Mills

Canning and Preserving Cookbook for a Healthier Life: Recipes Preserve the flavor and nutrients of veggies and fruits by Molly Mills
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Overview: Canning and preserving food has been practiced for years now. In the past, this type of food preservation helped people have different types of veggies and fruit all year long no matter the season. This helped a lot during the cold days when veggies and fruits were rarely available. The food that was gathered during spring, summer, and fall wouldn’t last until winter without other means of preservation so people had to be creative if they wanted to have enough food to last entire winter.

However canned and preserved food has a bit different flavor and they can be used in many different recipes. What I like the most is making desserts with the fruits and delicious salads with the veggies or stews. The options are limitless.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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