Carb Cycling: The Science And Practice Of …

Carb Cycling: The Science And Practice Of Mastering Your Metabolism

How to get in the best shape of your life by taking control of your diet, without sacrificing taste or ditching the foods you love.Tired of hopping from diet to diet, trying to find something that works for you? Are your fitness goals and weight loss plans being sabotaged by poor nutrition? Have you always wanted to try the carb cycling diet but didn’t know where to begin? You can burn fat, kick start your metabolism, and achieve the lean body of your dreams, all with the help of this book. Carb cycling is more than just a weight loss diet. It’s a tool to help you look at fitness and nutrition in a new light and discover what it means to be truly healthy. Carb Cycling: The Science and Practice of Mastering Your Metabolism teaches you everything you need to know, from the carb cycling methodology to how to implement it in your own life. It’s not a complex process, and you won’t be required to starve yourself or cut your favorite foods out. Inside your complete guide to carb cycling for beginners, you’ll discover: How carb cycling can give you the metabolism boost you need to see rapid fat loss What carb cycling for weight loss involves and how to get started Why low carb days are key in your new diet plan A complete list of the foods that are perfect for carb cycling and optimizing your health The science behind hunger and why we tend to eat even when we don’t need to Tools to help you put together your very own carb cycling meal plan And much, much more! Get ready to see results you never thought possible. Countless others have utilized carb cycling to live the life of their dreams and attain their health goals without having to implement hard to follow rules or restrictions. If you’re ready to join them and find out how carb cycling can change your body (and consequently your life), click "add to cart."

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