Cat Got Your Tongue? by Diane Windingland

Cat Got Your Tongue?: Powerful Public Speaking Skills & Presentation Strategies for Confident Communication or, How to Create the Purrfect Speech by Diane Windingland
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Overview: Use Quotes or Poems to Open or Close Your Speech
The audience gazed in anticipation as I stood before them holding a large black cloth draped over my arm. I threw the black cloth over my head. After a brief pause, I quoted the opening lines of an Emily Dickinson poem:
“I’m nobody. Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?”
I then paused again, removed the cloth and continued with the rest of my speech. The speech was about noticing the people around us. It was for a Toastmaster speech contest several years ago. I didn’t win (I think shrouding my head and might have been too contrived). However, quoting the poem, one of Emily Dickinson most famous poems, was a hit!
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