Think Bigger by Mark van Rijmenam

Think Bigger: Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business by Mark van Rijmenam
Requirements: .PDF reader, 2.7 Mb
Overview: Every day, an increasing amount of our movements, transactions, and choices are becoming digitized and stored up into what has become known as “big data”–revolutionizing the way we do business today. And it’s all there for your company to strategically utilize for giant profits! But where to begin?Think Bigger provides a roadmap for organizations looking to develop a profitable big data strategy. Sharing best practices from companies that have implemented a big data strategy including Walmart, InterContinental Hotel Group, Walt Disney, and Shell, this must-have resource for any business not wanting to fall far behind the competition covers the most important big data trends affecting organizations, as well as crucial types of analyses. Big data is changing the way businesses–and even governments–are operated and managed. And now, you too can revolutionize your business by learning how to properly employ the vast amount of digitalized information that is already available to you.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Things to Do Before a Monday by Syd Veverka

Things to Do Before a Monday by Syd Veverka
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 22 MB
Overview: Full of quirk and whimsy, Things to Do Before a Monday provides 52 amusing activities to start each week in a positive and joyful way. Ranging from silly, irreverent ideas to self-improvement goals, each prompt encourages readers to shake up their usual routine with fun and attainable exercises such as volunteering at an animal shelter, cooking a favorite meal from childhood, building a pillow fort, or holding hands on a bike with a cutie. With humorous, brightly colored illustrations and inspirational actions, this little book is the cure for the Monday blues.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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The So What Strategy, Revised Edition by Davina Stanley +

The So What Strategy, Revised Edition by Davina Stanley, Gerard Castles
Requirements: EPUB Reader 12.18 MB
Overview: So what? Where’s this going? Why do I need to know this?
These are some of the most unnerving questions in business. How do you make sure you are not confronted with these questions? And how do you make sure business audiences actually hear what you have to say?
Good communication is crucial for business success. Whether you are an experienced executive or a new business graduate, sooner or later you will need to present your point of view on an important issue. But how can you take what is often a complexset of ideas and organise them into a clear and compelling argument that your audience – the CEO, the Board, peers – understands straight away?
In this practical book, Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles – communication strategists with decades of experience
working with everyone from graduates through to the C-suite – reveal their proven approach. It’s all about using storylines to get to the ‘So what’ fast, and being able to make a case to back it up.
Genre: Non-Fiction – General -> business

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The Singapore Story : Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew

The Singapore Story : Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew
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The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything by Fredrik Eklund

The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone by Fredrik Eklund , Bruce Littlefield , Barbara Corcoran
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.7 MB
Overview: The nation’s #1 real estate broker and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York shares his secrets for superstar success and getting what you want out of life-no matter who you are or what you do.

Ten years ago, Fredrik Eklund moved to New York City from his native Sweden with nothing but a pair of worn-out sneakers and a dream: to make it big in the city that never sleeps. Since then, he’s become the top seller in the most competitive real estate market on the planet, brokering multimillion-dollar deals for celebrities, selling out properties all over the city, and charming audiences around the world as one of the stars of the hit Bravo series Million Dollar Listing New York.

Now, for the first time, Fredrik shares his secrets so that anyone can find success doing what they love. According to Fredrik, even if you don’t consider yourself a salesperson, you’ve been in sales your whole life because every day you are selling your most important asset: yourself. Whenever you influence, persuade or convince someone to give you something in exchange for what you’ve got-whether it’s a luxury home, a great idea at work, or your profile on are selling. And if you know how to sell the right way, you can live your dream. That is what The Sell is all about.

Blending personal stories, hilarious anecdotes, and the expertise he’s gained from his meteoric rise, Fredrik has written the modern guide on becoming successful, a book that tells you how to recognize and cultivate your true talents and make the ultimate sell. From the importance of being your most authentic self to looking like a million bucks even if you don’t have a million bucks (yet!), he shows how intangible factors like personality and charm can get you noticed and make you shine. He also shares his tips and tricks for preparing, persuading, and negotiating so that in any of life’s dealings, you’ll come out a winner. Whether you work on Wall Street or at Wal-Mart, aim to become the top seller at your company or want to impress a first date, The Sell will help you have more personal and professional success, lead a rich and fulfilling life, and have fun along the way.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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The Rough Guide to the Grand Canyon

The Rough Guide to the Grand Canyon
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The Rough Guide to California

The Rough Guide to California
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The Risk of a Lifetime by Rivka Weinberg

The Risk of a Lifetime: How, When, and Why Procreation May Be Permissible by Rivka Weinberg
Requirements: .PDF reader, 2 MB
Overview: Having children is probably as old as the first successful organism. It is often done thoughtlessly. This book is an argument for giving procreating some serious thought, and a theory of how, when, and why procreation may be permissible.
procreative ethics, procreation itself is often done Rivka Weinberg begins with an analysis of the kind of act procreativity is and why we might be justifiably motivated to engage in it. She then proceeds to argue that, by virtue of our ownership and control of the hazardous material that is our gametes, we are parentally responsible for the risks we take with our gametes and for the persons that develop when we engage in activity that allows our gametes to unite with others and develop into persons. Further argument establishes that when done respectfully, and in cases where the child’s chances of leading a life of human flourishing are high, procreation may be permissible.
procreating some serious thought, and a theory of how, when, Along the way, Weinberg argues that the non-identity problem is a curiously common mistake. Arguments intending to show that procreation is impermissible because life is bad for people and imposed on them without their consent are shown to have serious flaws. Yet because they leave us with lingering concerns, Weinberg argues that although procreation is permissible under certain conditions, it is not only a welfare risk but also a moral risk.
Still, it is a risk that is often permissible for us to take and impose, given our high level of legitimate interest in procreativity. In order to ascertain when the procreative risk is permissible to impose, contractualist principles are proposed to fairly attend to the interests prospective parents have in procreating and the interests future people have in a life of human flourishing. The principles are assessed on their own merits and in comparison with rival principles. They are then applied to a wide variety of procreative cases.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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The Question: Find Your True Purpose by Bernardo Moya

The Question: Find Your True Purpose by Bernardo Moya
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 500 KB
Overview: Ask yourself the right questions-and find the answers to your happiness

The Question brings together the best of what is thought and known from the world of self-help. The author shows readers what can build a path toward greater well-being and believes that the quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

The book combines a mix of practical and emotional content; it follows the highs and lows of real-life experience to help inspire readers, giving them practical information to help them discover their true purpose in life, and the confidence to pursue it.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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The Mini Farming Bible by Brett L. Markham

The Mini Farming Bible: The Complete Guide to Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 52 MB
Overview: When Brett Markham published a small black and white handbook about how to run a successful mini farm-he never dreamed how popular the book would soon become. In 2010 Skyhorse Publishing Inc. published Brett’s book in full color with over a hundred of the author’s own photographs-and Mini Farming became an instant bestseller spawning four additional Mini Farming books on everything from fermenting to composting. Now for the first time all 5 Mini Farming titles are collected together in one massive volume:

Mini Farming
Maximizing Your Mini Farm
Mini Farming Guide to Composting
Mini Farming Guide to Vegetable Gardening
Mini Farming Guide to Fermenting
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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The Marketing Dictionary for the 21st Century by Robert Bly

The Marketing Dictionary for the 21st Century by Robert Bly
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 563 KB
Overview: Now Make Sure You’re Fluent in the Language of Marketing in the 21st Century! >> Do you know the difference between cold traffic vs. hot traffic – and the best way to convert each? >> Are your content writers serving you warmed over “Google goulash?” >> Are you taking your response rates to the next level by using dominant resident emotion and the core buying complex? In the digital era, marketing is evolving with lightning speed, and the language of marketing is changing right along with it. Now, with the Marketing Dictionary for the 21st Century, you’ll quickly bring your marketing vocabulary up to date, understand what colleagues and vendors are talking about, and show others that your marketing knowledge is on the cutting edge. You’ll also learn important marketing concepts that can multiply your sales and profits as never before!
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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The Longest Cocktail Party: An Insider Account of The Beatles &…

The Longest Cocktail Party: An Insider Account of The Beatles & the Wild Rise and Fall of Their Multi-Million Dollar Apple Empire, Paperback Book
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The Leap of Your Life by Tommy Baker

The Leap of Your Life: How to Redefine Risk, Quit Waiting For ‘Someday,’ and Live Boldly by Tommy Baker
Requirements: EPUB Reader 0.81 MB
Overview: There’s a bold decision in your life you’ve been waiting to make, and every day passing by is a reminder of what hasn’t happened. Conveniently tucked in a box labeled ‘someday,’ the fear of the unknown has taken a grip on your life and put your dreams on hold.
Until now.
Whether your leap is quitting the soul sucking job and starting your own business, takinga bold chance on love or finally going all in on your dreams, The Leap of Your Life is the ticket to get you there.
All while having the time of your life and ensuring you don’t wake up years down the line with a sinking feeling of regret.
Author and high-performance coach Tommy Baker has helped thousands of everyday people identify and take their leap, step into courage and create a life they can’t wait to wake up for. After interviewing 250+ of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, experts, spiritual teachers and athletes he discovered a common theme:
They all took a leap, even if they were full of fear-and it radically transformed their experience of life.
If you’re ready to:
• Re-define risk and stop playing small
• Step into the boldest version of yourself
• Give yourself permission to take a chance
• Live the Hero’s Journey of your life story
• Eradicate regret and ‘what could have been’
. . . then look no further and order The Leap Of Your Life now!
Genre: Non-Fiction – Faith, Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality –

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The Joy of Work by Bruce Daisley

The Joy of Work: 30 Ways to Fix Your Work Culture and Fall in Love with Your Job Again by Bruce Daisley
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 5.5 MB
Overview: From the creator of hit podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat comes a revolutionary re-envisioning of how to enjoy your job.

In the course of a career that has taken him from some of the world’s biggest media companies to Twitter, via Google and YouTube, Bruce Daisley has become fascinated by what makes great companies tick. And in his hugely popular podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat, he has dug right into the DNA of work, talking to leading experts about how we can make our jobs more fulfilling, more productive – and much more enjoyable.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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