Change of Pace By Radclyffe [Audiobook]

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Twenty-five hot-wired encounters guaranteed to spark more than just your imagination. A construction worker discovers a pleasant distraction in the surgical locker room; two friends share a walk on the wild side in Amsterdam’s Red Light district; a femme top welcomes her lover home from the road; a woman enjoys a lazy summer afternoon with solo pleasures; a missed flight leads to a memorable limo ride for two women stranded in the fog on Cape Cod; a surprise party that ends with a most unusual gift; a woman takes a trip to the toy store for the one thing her lover never knew she needed; a graduate student signs up for a stimulating study that tests the outer limits of her control; two lovers reconnect with passion and pleasure…and more than 20 other erotically charged encounters from Radclyffe.

Duration: 6 hrs and 20 mins

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