Chinese (Cambridge Language Surveys)

Chinese (Cambridge Language Surveys)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: 1988-01-29
ISBN-10: 0521296536
ISBN-13: 9780521296533
Language: English
Pages: 306
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This general introduction to the study of Chinese traces the language’s history from its beginnings in the second millennium B.C. to the present, and provides a clear picture of the contemporary language and its sociolinguistic status. Chinese, in its numerous dialects, has more speakers than any other language in the modern world, and this vast extension in time and space brings to its study an exceptional complexity. Nevertheless, Norman’s crisp organization and lucid elegance make this extraordinary range of material easily accessible even to those with an elementary understanding of linguistics. Chinese includes information on the genetic and typological connections of the language, the writing system, the classical and early vernacular tongues, the modern language and non-standard dialects, and the history of linguistic reform in China. Show more Show less ae066d2c616156b40ad75ba988878846

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