Chinese Mandarin with Michel Thomas Foundation Advanced and Vocabulary Courses – Audibook Tutorials with eBooks

Anyone can learn a language with Michel Thomas[/color]– The World’s Greatest Language Teacher and he has taken the language-learning world by storm. NO MEMORIZING AND NO HOMEWORK, Michel teaches the basic grammar of the language painlessly. Using the method he has perfected over the last 50 years, he now shares his secret with the world – and ‘makes it simple’. The NEW Mandarin Chinese – Foundation, Advanced and Vocabulary Courses

* Learn another language the way you learnt your own
* Effective method – the Michel Thomas Method of language teaching works with the brain
* Motivating – live classroom situation with two students encourages you to learn with the students on the recording
* All-audio – the way you want to learn
* Revolutionary kinaesthetic method for teaching Mandarin tones
* Pronunciation is gently – but effectively – corrected