Chip Carvers Workbook by Dennis Moor

Chip Carvers Workbook: Teach Yourself with 7 Easy and Decorative Projects By Dennis Moor
Requirements: .PDF reader, 29 MB
Overview: Chip carving-a style of woodcarving in which knives are used to remove selected chips of wood from the project in a single piece-is introduced in this guide. Noted chip carver and teacher Dennis Moor presents the tools and techniques needed to replicate this ancient woodcarving art with detailed guidance on wood, tools, and sharpening, and tips on how to hold chip carving knives. Instructions on the three main types of chip carving, layout and design, and on getting the pattern onto the wood, lettering, and finishing are included. Woodworkers are taken through seven projects, including a napkin holder, a plant box, a letter holder, a trinket box, a tissue box holder, and a cheese and cracker tray. A photo gallery of finished pieces provides nspiration for novice woodworkers.
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