Chris Cole – Youtube Traffic Blueprint The Ultimate Youtube Traffic Guide

New Chris Cole – YouTube Traffic Blueprint The Ultimate YouTube Traffic Guide

Drive Traffic In Ways You Haven’t Thought About From YouTube – This is easier than you might think with YouTubeIf you’re struggling with your traffic, then that is about to be a thing of the past . . .”Learn How To Tap Into YouTube’s One Billion Unique Monthly Visitors To Maximize Your Traffic and Profits.”By any chance, are you using YouTube to help drive traffic to your squeeze pages, blogs, or affiliate links?If not, I must say that you are missing out on a HUGE slice of the traffic pie that the Internet has to offer you.With over one billion monthly unique visitors and along with just over six billion hours of video being watched per month, the amount of traffic that you can tap into on YouTube can be pretty staggering.Because of how the Internet is progressing, there are more people who are willing to sit and watch a 3-5 minute video rather than go the extra mile to read articles or blog posts.This makes YouTube traffic that much more valuable.Not hinting that blog posts and articles aren’t effective, but according to my experience, the amount of time that you use writing articles or blogs can be replaced with videos. . .. . . and give your squeeze pages and affiliate links 10 times the traffic and exposure, which is what we are after here in the first place.Most people think that if you just slap a video up on YouTube and pump hundreds of backlinks to it, then it will go viral, but this is FAR from the truth.That is very similar to the LIE we were all told when the Internet and websites came about :”Build it and they will come!”