Cisco ACI Fundamentals for Network Engineers

Lumos – Cisco ACI Fundamentals for Network Engineers
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In this 5-day Cisco ACI for Network Engineers course, you will become fully adept at deploying, provisioning and maintaining a Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), including the planning, design, and implementation of ACI.

It is designed for Architects, Systems Engineers and Field Engineers who are selling, implementing and/or managing Cisco ACI. The course dives deep into each of the key concepts behind ACI’s application-centric infrastructure and policy-based architecture. You will spend each day listening to lecture, then configuring most every aspect of the ACI solution, including configuring tenants, application network profiles (ANP), contracts, endpoints, VMM integration and how to connect the ACI Fabric to an external L2 and L3 networks, along with L4-L7 services. Migration strategies for existing applications to an ACI fabric will be discussed and automation of APIC REST API through scripting (JSON/XML). The course will include intense hands-on labs on real physical hardware of all of the key functions of ACI.
Upon completion of the course, students will be familiar with:

Pre-Deployment Interview/Information gathering process
Out of the box setup and configuration of an ACI fabric
Scenario driven configuration principals for:
– Multi-Tenancy/Tenant Configurations
– Application Profiles
– Endpoint Groups
– Security – Built-in Stateful Firewall, Contracts
– Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) Integration
– Connecting the ACI fabric to external L2 and L3 networks
– Connecting fabric to L4 – L7 services (ASA, F5, etc..)

Course Specifics
This course has a high degree of labs (40:60 ratio lab:lecture), and is intended to engage and challenge the student into performing the most common but also complex scenarios when migrating to Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Fabric
– Hands on lab environments. Each student will have:
– Dedicated ACI tenant with 4 ESXi hosts and 9 VM’s
– Dedicated vCenter Appliance
– Dedicated L2/L3 outside connections
– Class size will be restricted to 16 students to facilitate more hands on lab time.
– Each student will have a dedicated Tenant and dedicated ports both on the ACI Leafs and on the external Nexus 5K/6Ks, dedicated 4 ESXi servers, vCenter server and VMs.
– Students do not share or "partner-up" to perform tasks. Each student independently performs all tasks.

Who Should Participate?
– Solution Architects
– System Integrators
– Network Administrators
– System Engineers