Citadels of Darkover by Deborah J. Ross

Citadels of Darkover by Deborah J. Ross (Editor)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 409 KB

Strongholds of rock . . . fortresses of the spirit . . . a planet set apart . . . A castle high in snow-covered mountains beneath a ruddy sun, a place at once romantic and bleak, alien and richly nostalgic . . . a heart besieged and then re-awakened . . . secrets locked away by stone and spell . . . the last refuge of desperate folk . . . Towers where laran-Gifted circles work their magic . . . and Darkover itself, a world apart, yet under repeated assault by those who would exploit its natural resources, including its unique telepathic Gifts . . .

Citadels can be psychic, emotional, and cultural as well as military, and the wonderfully imaginative contributors to this volume have taken the basic idea and spun out stories in different and often unexpected directions.

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