Claire Thompson – The Auction

Claire Thompson – The Auction
Narrated by: Cressida Wolf

Naked, bound and in chains, at the mercy of the man who purchased her – body and soul – for the next 30 days. Carly Abrams, at a financial dead-end, has gathered her courage, exaggerated her experience and signed on as a submissive sex slave at an exclusive BDSM auction house.

Adam Wise is gorgeous, filthy rich, sexually dominant and used to getting exactly what he wants. He has a fully-equipped dungeon and water bondage chamber in his home, all of it waiting for the woman who will submit to his darkest sadistic fantasies. With no interest in the emotional complications of romance, bidding on a highly trained sex slave strikes him as the perfect solution.

From the moment they sign the contract, Adam subjects Carly to sexual torture and BDSM scenes that push every boundary – physical, mental and emotional – leaving her at once terrified and longing for more. Neither counts on the emotional impact and deep sense of connection such a relationship entails, even if Carly is just a sub for hire. Each day takes the pair deeper into a dark and sensual journey.

In the struggle of wills and the tangling of hearts that ensues, both Adam and Carly must find the strength to face their secret fears and the courage to seize that most elusive and dangerous of dreams – love.

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