Classical and Computational Solid Mechanics, 2nd Edition Edition

Classical and Computational Solid Mechanics, 2nd Edition Edition

English | 2017 | ISBN: 9814713643 | 860 Pages | PDF | 65.4 MB

The second edition provides an update of the recent developments in classical and computational solid mechanics. The structure of the book is also updated to include five new areas: Fundamental Principles of Thermodynamics and Coupled Thermoelastic Constitutive Equations at Large Deformations, Functional Thermodynamics and Thermoviscoelasticity, Thermodynamics with Internal State Variables and Thermo-Elasto-Viscoplasticity, Electro-Thermo-Viscoelasticity/Viscoplasticity, and Meshless Method. These new topics are added as self-contained sections or chapters. Many books in the market do not cover these topics.

This invaluable book has been written for engineers and engineering scientists in a style that is readable, precise, concise, and practical. It gives the first priority to the formulation of problems, presenting the classical results as the gold standard, and the numerical approach as a tool for obtaining solutions.

Readership: Researchers, academics, graduate and senior undergraduates in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, civil engineering and applied mechanics.