Classical And Quantum Computing: With C++ And …

Classical And Quantum Computing: With C++ And Java Simulations

Classical and Quantum computing provides a self-contained, systematic and comprehensive introduction to all the subjects and techniques important in scientific computing. The style and presentation are readily accessible to undergraduates and graduates. A large number of examples, accompanied by complete C++ and Java code wherever possible, cover every topic. Features and benefits:- Comprehensive coverage of the theory with many examples- Topics in classical computing include boolean algebra, gates, circuits, latches, error detection and correction, neural networks, Turing machines, cryptography, genetic algorithms – For the first time, genetic expression programming is presented in a textbook- Topics in quantum computing include mathematical foundations, quantum algorithms, quantum information theory, hardware used in quantum computingThis book serves as a textbook for courses in scientific computing and is also very suitable for self-study. Students, professionals and practitioners in computer science, applied mathematics and physics will benefit from using the book and the included software simulations.