ClayTrader – Robotic and Vulcano Trading

ClayTrader – Robotic and Vulcano Trading

ClayTrader - Robotic and Vulcano Trading

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Claytrader - Volcano Traging


What Is This Training All About?
Find Stocks BEFORE They “Erupt” to the Upside
The “breakout trade” can take many different forms, but with this strategy,
you will learn how to use the psychology of the market in order to place
yourself in areas where the Risk vs. Reward is most in your favor. By
learning the psychology of the breakout, you will have a whole new
perspective on not only ‘where’ big breakouts occur, but ‘why’ they occur.

This training is designed to turn you into a Chart Geologist. The market is
filled with Volcanoes (“breakout trade set-ups”) that are ready to make you
money, it is just a matter of knowing where to find them, and how to trade
them. Some of the Volcanoes are more obvious than others, but with the
strategy you will learn in this training, you will be able to identify the
two types of Volcano trade set-ups that exist.


Get Your Psych Degree
Many traders get themselves in trouble when trying to trade breakouts due to
the fact they do not understand the psychology of not only the market, but
also the psychology of breakouts. This training will give you the confidence
you need to execute this strategy by teaching you all about the cycle of
emotion that repeats itself over and over again within the market.

The training also focuses heavily on the money management aspect of trading.
A strategy is only as good as the trader who manages it, so you will learn
how to mitigate against risk and position your portfolio so it is in the
best possible position to grow over time.

Get that Tactics… Step-By-Step
This training is all about details and in-depth explanations. There are no
broad explanations that leave you with the feeling of being incomplete and
worst yet, not feeling confident. All the strategy tactics are taught step-
by-step in a very logical and easy to understand presentation.

The stages that the strategy is divided into are…

The Hunting Stage
What attributes and characteristics you should be looking for.

Is it even worth adding to your watch list? Since you will know what to look
for, you will know whether or not it is worth your time to monitor.


The Stalking Stage
Just because the attributes and characteristics pass the initial test, that
doesn’t mean you should be entering the trade.

You now need to wait for the price to act how the strategy says it should
behave. If the price does not behave accordingly, you simply move on. You
never entered the trade, so you have not lost any money.

The Execution Stage
The price action behaves how you want it to, so “now” it is time to enter
the trade. But how?

There are always two choices for how you can enter the trade. Both carry
pros and cons. It’ll be up to your personal preference on how you want to
enter the trade.

The Ninja Stage
Like any successful ninja, you must be disciplined and follow the strategy
rules that have been mapped out.

Long term trading portfolio growth is all about one thing: trade management.
This stage teaches all the vital trade management components including where
you should…

Be entering the trade

Be locking in profits

Be exiting the trade because your stop-loss has been violated

As you can see, there are two stages of teaching before you are even
instructed to enter into the trade. Everything is covered!

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The Winning Attitude
Analyzing the Breakout
Set-Up Classification Tools
Dormant Volcano Trade Management
Dormant Volcano Case Studies: Part 1
Dormant Volcano Case Studies: Part 2
Dormant Volcano Case Studies: Part 3
Dormant Volcano Case Studies: Part 4
Active Volcano Trade Management
Active Volcano Case Studies: Part 1
Active Volcano Case Studies: Part 2
Active Volcano Case Studies: Part 3
Active Volcano Case Studies: Part 4
Ninja Trades
Building Your Watchlist

Claytrader - Robotic Trading


What Is This Training All About?
Are you able to score winning trades on a regular basis? Consistent trading
is what allows you to trade for a living while you sit in your underwear at
home. Learning to ‘truly’ use charts is a great step in the right direction
of improving consistency. This training is designed to give you the quickest
path to understanding charts and establishing trading consistency.

Long term success as a trader is all about two characteristics: elimination
of emotions and consistency. Technical analysis (the use of charts) is the
most efficient method to acquire these two attributes.

Ever watch a television show or movie that has stock traders apart of it?
Notice what is always on the trader’s computer screens in the background?
Technical charts!


There is a reason professional traders use charts. If they want to keep
their job, they need to be consistent and charts allow you to improve in
this area.

How do charts allow you to improve? They eliminate your emotions. Getting
emotional is the worst thing a trader can do. You may profit every once in a
while by making an ‘emotional’ decision, but in the long run, emotional
decisions lead to irrational decisions, and irrational decisions lead to you
losing money.

The Robotic Trading educational training is broken down into various
categories. There is a recommended viewing order for the videos that is
provided with the training .

Whether you have a basic (or none what-so-ever) or intermediate
understanding of technical analysis, I am extremely confident you will find
value in the training .

For example, if you know absolutely nothing about technical analysis or
charts, the first two videos in the recommended viewing order are What is
Technical Analysis? followed by, What is a Chart?, so as you can see, even
if you had zero experience, the training would start you out at the very

Each video builds upon the previous lesson so that by the time you are
finished, you will not only understand basic and intermediate tactics, but
also advanced charting strategies.

The teaching concept of the training is to treat you as a construction
project. First start you off with a solid foundation, then add in the the
walls and roof, and finally prepare you with all the fancy stuff!


What Is Technical Analysis
What is a Chart
Setting Up a Chart
Candlestick Analysis
Candlestick Analysis Case Studies
The Trend is your Friend
Support, Resistance, and Trendlines
Support, Resistance, and Trendlines Case Studies
Introduction to Technical Indicators
Moving Averages (MAs)
Moving Averages (MAs) Case Studies
Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
Bollinger Bands (BBs)
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Chaikin Money Flow (CMF)
Money Flow Index (MFI)
Pole Patterns
Wedge Patterns
Symmetrical Triangle Patterns
Channel Patterns
Ascending Triangle Patterns
Descending Triangle Patterns
Fibonacci Retracements
Fibonacci Extensions
Conclusion - The Ideals (Must Watch!!!)

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