Clean Eating Made Simple: A Healthy Cookbook with Delicious…

Clean Eating Made Simple: A Healthy Cookbook with Delicious Whole-Food Recipes for Eating Clean
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Date: 2014-06-05
ISBN-10: 1623154650
ISBN-13: 9781623154653
Language: English
Pages: 234
Added: 2017-10-14 10:26:08

Learn how uncomplicated your life and diet can be with unprocessed and unrefined foods from Clean Eating Made Simple.
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Clean Eating Made Simple will walk you through the basics of a life-changing clean eating diet, with common sense guidelines and over 110 healthy recipes that will not leave you feeling deprived. With an easy-to-follow clean eating meal plan and handy nutritional breakdowns, Clean Eating Made Simple helps you change the way you eat, and the way you feel, by simply returning to eating whole, natural foods and fresh produce.
Clean Eating Made Simple helps you adopt healthy changes easily-and permanently-with:

  • A Weekly Meal Plan helping you transition to a clean eating diet
  • Over 110 Recipes serving clean eating meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with nutritional information for every recipe
  • An Essential Introduction covering the fundamentals and health benefits of clean eating
  • Handy Tips for adapting each recipe for your personal dietary needs, including vegetarian or vegan, low-sodium, FODMAP, gluten-free, and nightshade-free

Clean eating recipes include: Coconut Quinoa Porridge, Barley Kale Risotto, Lemon Tuna Patties, Pork Tenderloin with Squash Salsa, Strawberry Crisp, and much more!
Clean Eating Made Simple will help you improve your health and maximize your energy by simply enjoying natural, whole foods.
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