Close Range Combat Wing Chun Vol 3 by Randy Williams

Close Range Combat Wing Chun Vol 3 (Wooden Dummy Form) by Randy Williams
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Overview: Volume III of this series features a detailed introduction to the use of Wing Chun’s famous Mook Yan Joang, or "Wooden Man Dummy". Basic and advanced Dummy theory and exercises are covered, as well as plans to build and mount the Dummy in portable or permanent versions. The "Wooden Dummy Motions" form is shown in an easy-to-follow format, complete with footwork diagrams to help the reader understand the transitions between motions. Practical applications are shown for each movement, as are all concepts and principles introduced by the many blocking, striking and kicking motions executed against the Dummy. Also featured in this volume is the "Iron Palm" hand toughening and development regimen and plans to build the equipment needed for sandbag training."
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Medical

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