Cmos Integrated Switching Power Converters: A Structured …

Cmos Integrated Switching Power Converters: A Structured Design Approach

This book describes the structured design and optimization of efficient, energy processing integrated circuits. The approach is multidisciplinary, covering the monolithic integration of IC design techniques, power electronics and control theory. In particular, this book enables readers to conceive, synthesize, design and implement integrated circuits with high-density high-efficiency on-chip switching power regulators. Topics covered encompass the structured design of the on-chip power supply, efficiency optimization, IC-compatible power inductors and capacitors, power MOSFET switches and efficient switch drivers in standard CMOS technologies. Provides a comprehensive reference on structured design and optimization of fully monolithic power supplies for on-chip power management Describes a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing enhanced integrated power devices, both active and reactive, as well as advanced circuit topologies and switching control methods, together with their implementation Enables concurrent design of compact adaptive power supplies, together with system-level and circuit-level techniques..

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