Cold Comfort by R.A. McGee

Cold Comfort by R.A. McGee (The Porter Series #5)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 437 KB

A missing girl. A small town. Is Porter tough enough to crack the ice?
Porter always finds his target, no matter the cost. Fresh off a job, he thinks he’s ready to chill, but an encounter with a ghost leaves him stunned. Now, he must decide if he’s ready to head for warmer weather, or get back to work, and help a new friend find her missing daughter.

In the heartland, there is no love. As the weather closes in around him, Porter follows leads while dodging bizarre cultists, lazy cops, and a bloodthirsty ex-con with a particular set of skills. The harder they try to keep him from the truth, the harder he pushes. But will he go too far, risking his life, and the life of a girl he’s determined to save.