College Majors & Careers: A Resource Guide …

College Majors & Careers: A Resource Guide For Effective Life Planning (college Majors And Careers)

Offers straightforward advice to anyone who is exploring career options. More than 60 majors are covered and are linked to more than 350 career pathsLightscameraaction! This title provides detailed profiles of more than 80 jobs in this exciting field.”College Majors and Careers, Sixth Edition” offers straightforward advice for high school and college students exploring their career options. Providing invaluable advice on figuring out what to do with an English major or how to select a field of study, this straightforward guide covers more than 60 college majors linked to 350 different career paths. Each college major article includes Occupations, High School Subjects, Majors, Leisure-Time Activities, Personal Skills, Resources, and Values and Personal Attributes. These sections help readers identify their strengths and skills, as well as the activities, education, and training they can pursue to help them succeed in their field of study and their career.This new edition includes new questions in the ‘Career-Related Questions and Answers’ section, now reorganized into subcategories for easier browsing. All the major sections have been updated and revised, and a new ‘Fact Box’ feature cites key statistical information, such as the number of grads per year or average starting salaries for jobs with a specific major. An invaluable new section helps parents, professionals, and students learn how to best use the book. Majors covered include: Accounting Business administration Criminal justice Computer science English History Law Physics and, more.