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Comic readers should feel blessed on this site. We have a great forum, wonderful ebook mods, and dedicated releasers alert for updating their posts when possible, refreshing download links when needed. Nice. Beside that you have a lot of specific topics – you can see them sticky-ed on the comics overview – containing lists, reviews, contests, news, and more comics related items. Wonderful!

Today we’ll introduce some more comics stuff we discovered on the internet: video reviews. In the next post you’ll find an example of those reviews. They are originally viewable on Youtube, but we find them more convenient in download format, so you can overrule crap connections, or don’t need to be online in those moments you want to view them (on your mobile?).

We’ll post more after my holidays. Feel free to post reviews yourself. Just be sure you follow the template, for keeping the topic viewable.

Whenever available, we shall link the reviewed comics to the release post of the comics on this site.



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Reviewed comics:
    [*]comic 1
    [*]comic 2

Original YouTube link: **********
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Download format: ***
Download link: **************
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