Coming of Age in Madrid by Susan Plann

Coming of Age in Madrid: An Oral History of Unaccompanied Moroccan Migrant Minors by Susan Plann
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Overview: Coming of Age in Madrid is a longitudinal study of twenty-seven Moroccan youth who migrated to Madrid as unaccompanied minors, passed their adolescence in the Spanish child-care system, and embarked on their lives as young adults. Interviews were conducted over a period of six years in Spain and Morocco. The stories begin with their lives in Morocco then follows them-children traveling alone-as they across the Strait of Gibraltar and make their way to Madrid. The study also engages with those who were deported, crossing the Strait once again as they were returned to Morocco.

Unaccompanied minor migration is on the rise throughout the world. As Spain and other nations grapple with increasing numbers of unaccompanied children on their borders, the importance of this study has immediate relevance for government policies and migration research.
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