Command Culture 1901-1940 through Jörg Muth

Command Culture: Officer Education within the U.S. Army and the German Armed Forces, 1901-1940, and the Consequences for World War II through Jörg Muth
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Overview: Winner of the Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award, 2012.

In Command Culture, Jörg Muth examines the other paths the United States Army and the German Armed Forces traveled to choose, train, and advertise their officials within the an important time sooner than World War II. Muth demonstrates that the army training device in Germany represented an arranged effort the place every faculty and exam equipped the stepping stone for the following. But within the United States, there existed no conversation about instructing contents or didactical issues some of the quite a lot of colleges and academies, and so they existed in a self selected insular atmosphere. American officials who after all made their manner thru an erratic variety procedure and previous West Point to the vital Command and General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, discovered themselves typically deeply disillusioned, as a result of they have been confronted once more with a moderately beneath reasonable college who compelled them after each and every workout to just accept the authorized “faculty answer.”
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Command Culture explores the anomaly that during Germany officials got here from a closed authoritarian society however won an especially open minded army training, while their opposite numbers within the United States got here from one of the crucial democratic societies however won an out of date army training that harnessed their minds and restricted their initiative. On the opposite hand, German officer applicants discovered that during warfare the whole thing is conceivable and a warfare of extermination applicable. For American officials, raised in a democracy, positive limitations may by no means be crossed.

This paintings for the primary time obviously explains the loss of audacity of many prime score American officials right through World War II, in addition to the explanation why such a lot of German officials changed into perpetrators or accomplices of warfare crimes and atrocities or remained bystanders with out talking up. Those American officials who changed into exceptional leaders in World War II did so no longer such a lot on account of their army training, however in spite of it.

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