Complete Book Of Home Inspection 4/e (the …

Complete Book Of Home Inspection 4/e (the Complete Book Series)

The Complete Book of Home Inspection – 4th Edition This comprehensive instruction manual covers every aspect of a home inspection. Itincludes the exterior,interior, and electro-mechanicals of the home or condominium apartment. The book is basic enough for a layperson and detailed enough to be a working on-site tool for professional home inspectors. Revealing techniquesand methods used by experienced home inspectors, this heavily illustrated reference details how to evaluate the condition of a home – inside and out. Precise step-by-step procedures enable you to inspect a home as though accompanied by an inspector with many years’ experience. Written by a professional home inspector, most chapters of the 4th edition of The Complete Book of Home Inspectionhave beenupdated and expandedwith new material andis packed with photos, graphs, dozens of checklists,worksheets and valuable chapter summaries.

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