Complete Diabetic Slow Cooker Cookbook by Alexa Kaiser +

The Complete Diabetic Slow Cooker Cookbook: Delicious and Healthy Diabetic Friendly Recipes With a 21- Day Meal Plan Made for Your Slow Cooker to Easily Manage Diabetes by Alexa Kaiser
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Overview: What most mainstream health specialists and doctors don’t realize is how important nutrition is for the human body. I don’t blame them. After all, while in medical school, they get just about 6 hours of nutrition education a year.
Which is why they prescribe medicines for diabetes that we must take several times a day. Sadly, most of these pills only treat symptoms of the disease and not the disease in itself. So your blood sugar level hits the roof as soon as you stop taking them. Further, modern medicine, even with so many breakthroughs in recent years, haven’t been able to find a way to prevent diabetes.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Food & Drink

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