Conquest Through Immigration by George W. Robnett

Conquest Through Immigration: How Zionism Turned Palestine into a Jewish State by George W. Robnett
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Overview: Published in 1968, this book was inspired by a tour through the Holy Land countries, which brought intimate contact with the pitiable spectacle of a million or so Palestinian Arab refugees. These people, who were once independent, self-supporting and even prosperous, have been dispossessed of their lifetime homes and possessions, hopelessly forsaken in primitive and isolated camps, scattered around the periphery of their traditional land to which their return is forbidden. After talking with many of these refugees, it was only natural for an inquiring mind to ask: "How could this happen in our modern ‘civilized’ world?" Why do people in America and Europe know so little about this human calamity for which they are partially responsible?
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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