Contagionism and Contagious Diseases (Spectrum…

Contagionism and Contagious Diseases (Spectrum Literaturwissenschaft/ Spectrum Literature)
Publisher: De Gruyter
Date: 2013-11-15
ISBN-10: 3110305720
ISBN-13: 9783110305722
Language: English
Pages: 242
Added: 2015-12-26 02:20:18

Understanding how ‘contagion’ and ‘infection’ have become powerful metaphors requires a historical reconstruction of this semantic field in the late 19th and early 20th century, when these concepts acquired a scientific meaning. The volume offers an interdisciplinary approach to the cultural history of contagionism between medical bacteriology, the social sciences and literary adaptations. The symbolic implications of ‘contagion’ and high-profile contagious diseases are addressed, which mark the boundaries between sick and healthy, familiar and alien, morally pure and impure. Show more Show less 6c98b8f1828cc7d8b9ac60899a235ccc  Size: (3.66 MB)   

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