Contemporary Slovenian Timber Architecture for Sustainability…

Contemporary Slovenian Timber Architecture for Sustainability (Green Energy and Technology)
Publisher: Springer
Date: 2014-09-16
ISBN-10: 3319036343
ISBN-13: 9783319036342
Language: English
Pages: 163
Added: 2014-12-12 23:20:05

The book presents Slovenia’s contemporary timber architecture. Thanks to its abundant forests, Slovenia has preserved the tradition of wood construction. As much as 60% of its surface is┬ácovered by forests. Slovenia is also the third most forested country in Europe. The high share of forest-covered surface allows for a sustainable production of high-quality wood. In the past, wood was used primarily in the construction of farm buildings, but now timber architecture is used for everything from residences and office buildings to public buildings such as community centres and schools. Timber construction is becoming increasingly popular. Apart from larger companies taking this approach, a great number of wooden houses have sprung up, built either on personal initiative or with the support of carpenter workshops. Slovenian timber architecture has taken a new approach to environmental and energy-efficiency problems and received great international recognition. The book discusses over fifty projects built over a ten-year period, and includes descriptions, photographs and plans. The projects include residential areas, administration, and office as well as tourist, educational and industrial buildings. Timber architecture is presented as an integral part of the Slovenian landscape. The monograph will be useful to designers and future experts in their planning of optimal timber buildings and will highlight the main benefits of using timber construction. Show more Show less d37964ef43db3e1c9ad7264274adefa2

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