Continuum Mechanics And Linear Elasticity: An Applied …

Continuum Mechanics And Linear Elasticity: An Applied Mathematics Introduction

This is an intermediate book for beginning postgraduate students and junior researchers, and offers up-to-date content on both continuum mechanics and elasticity. The material is self-contained and should provide readers sufficient working knowledge in both areas. Though the focus is primarily on vector and tensor calculus (the so-called coordinate-free approach), the more traditional index notation is used whenever it is deemed more sensible. With the increasing demand for continuum modeling in such diverse areas as mathematical biology and geology, it is imperative to have various approaches to continuum mechanics and elasticity. This book presents these subjects from an applied mathematics perspective. In particular, it extensively uses linear algebra and vector calculus to develop the fundamentals of both subjects in a way that requires minimal use of coordinates (so that beginning graduate students and junior researchers come to appreciate the power of the tensor notation).