Control Of Power Electronic Converters And Systems: …

Control Of Power Electronic Converters And Systems: Volume 2

Control of Power Electronic Converters, Volume Two gives the theory behind power electronic converter control and discusses the operation, modelling and control of basic converters. The main components of power electronics systems that produce a desired effect (energy conversion, robot motion, etc.) by controlling system variables (voltages and currents) are thoroughly covered. Both small (mobile phones, computer power supplies) and very large systems (trains, wind turbines, high voltage power lines) and their power ranges, from the Watt to the Gigawatt, are presented and explored. Users will find a focused resource on how to apply innovative control techniques for power converters and drives. Discusses different applications and their control Explains the most important controller design methods, both in analog and digital Describes different, but important, applications that can be used in future industrial products Covers voltage source converters in significant detail Demonstrates applications across a much broader context