Conversation Power: Communication Skills for Business and Pe

Conversation Power: Communication Skills for Business and Personal Success (Audio book)

Book Description
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ISBN: 0743526600
Format: Compact Disc
Pub. Date: November 2002
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Edition Description: Abridged, 2 CDs, 2 hrs.
Barnes & Noble Sales Rank: 97,147

Whether you’re selling, persuading, advising or explaining, you spend most of your dayto-day life in verbal communication with others. The skills you bring to those exchanges will determine whether they go in your favor — or leave you behind as others succeed. If you can’t communicate your ideas or intentions, you can’t expect others to understand them; on the other hand, the better you can make yourself understood, the higher your chances for climbing to the top. Renowned communications expert James K. Van Fleet guides you through the most effective verbal communications strategies available today. Whatever the situation, your mastery of these basic communication skills can give you an instant powerful advantage.

Imagine yourself:

Striking up a conversation with anyone
Making lasting friendships from initial meetings
Negotiating the services you need from anyone
Enhancing crucial communications lines between employees, colleagues, vendors, and supervisors. From business meetings to romantic encounters, artful communication can help make almost any situation go right. With Conversation Power, you’ll be able to communicate your way to success!


An introduction to the art of effective verbal communication explains how to develop important conversational skills that can promote business success, negotiations and sales effectiveness, and self-image enhancement.

Read by James K. Van Fleet



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