Course From Scratch by Danielle Leslie

Course From Scratch by Danielle Leslie I’m Danielle Leslie, Founder of the Course Alchemy Agency.
Since 2012, I’ve helped influencers including Guy Kawasaki earn collectively millions of dollars by monetizing their content & expertise through online courses.
I got my start at Udemy (the mecca of online courses) where I worked as the course launch strategist helping thousands of people launch their courses. I’ve created courses that have 50,000+ people enrolled around the world.
And my one-on-one clients have course launch success, too.
They’ve done everything from five-figure launches, making over $10k in their first 30 days (with no email list) to making over $70k during their course launch in a new niche where they didn’t have a following.
I’m committed to helping people like you package your passion & expertise into premium online courses for increased freedom, engagement, recognition, and impact.
So, my only question for you is: Are you ready to create & launch your course in 60 days?
Go from INVISIBLE to INFLUENCER almost instantly.
When you have your own online course, you go from feeling like another “me, too” imposter… to being recognized as the “it girl” in your niche.
Ready to learn to create & launch your own online course in 60 days?
“Within 1 month of working with Danielle, she helped me turn my blog into a course and make over $80,000 from my course launch.
When I started working with Danielle, I had only 200 people on my email list and a ton of blog content I was making $0 from.
Her launch plan & accountability structure made a huge difference on my conversion rates & bottom line!”
Tara Reed, Apps Without Code Bootcamp
500 Startups, Google, Microsoft
“I’ve been working with Danielle since the start of Travel Noire and she is, in part, the reason we’ve been able to quadruple our conversions.
Her guidance has resulted in five figure launches for us. If you’re serious about making an impact in this world, Danielle is your go to girl.”
Zim Ugochukwu, Travel Noire
“Danielle knows better than anyone how to drive customer engagement with content. She helped us grow subscriptions massively to our online course and will undoubtedly be able to help you grow your sales!”
Jaime Brodie, Cosmic Kids Yoga
90,000+ YouTube subscribers
I look forward to working with you in #CourseFromScratch!
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