Cqb: A Guide To Unarmed Combat And …

Cqb: A Guide To Unarmed Combat And Close Quarter Shooting

This book’s subtitle is "A Guide to Unarmed Combat and Close Quarter Shooting. Lonsdale is well-known in the law-enforcement training circles. I like that he presents his information as "one view, one method, one training philosophy". It is refreshing to see someone who isn’t proclaiming that their method is the "one true path" to knowledge (although this method seems based extensively on the SAS style). The emphasis of the book is certainly for the professional and the complexity of the unarmed combat section will be overwhelming to those who don’t have an extensive martial arts background. His training team has beau coup years of traditional martial arts experience and hold very high ranks in their disciplines. This explains why all of the techniques are taken directly from karate. To these high ranks, the techniques are simple, however, to the non-martial artist, they probably seem very difficult. A consideration you should take into account. But, if you have a good background in karate, then the unarmed section is everything you already know. Lots of weapons disarms and retention techniques.

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