Criminal Psychology, 2nd Edition by Ray Bull, Claire Cooke +

Criminal Psychology: A Beginner’s Guide, 2nd Edition by Ray Bull, Claire Cooke, Ruth Hatcher
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Overview: It is a conundrum that has vexed societies throughout history: how do you deal with those that break the law? If their aim is to evade you, how do you identify them? If their aim is to lie, how do you interview them? If they don’t see their actions are wrong, how do you help them to successfully reform?

Criminal psychology is the discipline which tackles these challenges head on. From the signals which give away we’re lying to the psychological profiling of violent offenders, this exhaustive guide, written by the UK’s top experts, is the perfect introduction. Also covering policing, and the much debated topic of sexual offenders and their treatment, it will demonstrate how understanding the mind will help us to view modern justice from a more informed perspective.
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