Cruciverbalism by Stanley Newman, Mark Lasswell +

Cruciverbalism: A Crossword Fanatic’s Guide to Life in the Grid by Stanley Newman, Mark Lasswell
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Overview: For the millions of people who do crosswords, the person behind the puzzle is always something of a mystery. What puzzler wouldn’t want to know how a constructor thinks when putting together a puzzle? Or the secret rules that guide the selections of clues and answers? Or how to outsmart the constructor by understanding his mindset? A few tips about how to improve solving skills wouldn’t hurt, either. Putting it all together in an accessible and witty "guide to life in the grid" is just what everybody wants and needs. CRUCIVERBALISM will help people become better solvers and have more fun doing crosswords. It will also pull back the curtain on puzzle-making itself, outlining the history of crosswords, showing how they have evolved over the past century, and how rules and the mindsets of puzzle editors have changed over time. It will pass along the guidelines the author provides to his stable of puzzle constructors, and tidbits such as the "100 essential words" for the pursuit of crossword happiness. Finally, it will recount the decade-long battle between Old Guard and New Wave constructors, bringing in a cast of colorful characters living in a world of words. The book will be a combination of crossword self-help, wisdom, trivia and stories that will fascinate today’s millions of avid puzzlers.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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