Crypt 33: The Saga Of Marilyn Monroe …

Crypt 33: The Saga Of Marilyn Monroe – The Final Word

The Shocking Truth Behind Marilyn’s DeathRevealed at Last She was an icon, a sex symbol, and a living legend. But when she was found naked and dead on the morning of August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe became the subject of a mystery that has fascinated and perplexed the world for generations. Was her death an accident? Suicide? Or murder? In this riveting account, private investigators Gregory and Speriglio uncover startling evidence that may solve the case once and for all. Crypt 33 reveals: The truth about Marilyn’s affairs with JFK and Robert Kennedy The top-level government secrets that endangered Marilyn’s life How Marilyn pulled strings as a political power player The identity of the friend who knowingly opened the door to Marilyn’s killers The startling connection between JFK’s father and mobster Sam Giancana Evidence of the deadly drugs and how they were administered to Marilyn The rumors of an assassination plot masterminded by the Cosa Nostra and and high-ranked government officials What happened to the audio tape recording of Marilyn’s murder The tangled web of wiretaps in Marilyn’s home Why Joe DiMaggio sent flowers to Marilyn’s grave for years Half a century after her death, Marilyn Monroe still lives in our hearts. Now, at last, the truth can be told.

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