Cyclic Voltammetry: Simulation And Analysis Of Reaction …

Cyclic Voltammetry: Simulation And Analysis Of Reaction Mechanisms
Cyclic Voltammetry is the only book solely devoted to its subject and containing a data analysis project written by the author. Beginning with the fundamentals of cyclic voltammetry from both an experimental and theoretical point of view, the author focuses on the applications in data interpretation with emphasis on chemical reactions and electrode reduction potentials. The PC compatible computer program that accompanies the book provides the experimentalists with a simulation-based approach for the analysis of cyclic voltammograms. A survey format is utilized to discuss the use of CV for the study of reaction mechanisms in diverse branches of chemistry. The author then presents the method of simulation by explicit finite differences, the most commonly employed numerical method of CV analysis. The CVSIM program, written by the author and used in several countries, simulates cyclic voltammetric experiments. It is explained along with DSTEP, a general program for the simulation of double potential step experiments. Next the author describes CVFIT to find the least squares best fit between experimental and simulated cyclic voltammograms. Chemists of all types as well as academic and industrial researchers and graduate level students are certain to find cyclic voltammetry a useful, valuable and long overdue addition to the field.