Cydonia 6 by Matt Sylvester

Cydonia 6: Escape or be Eaten by Matt Sylvester
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 298 KB

Could you eat one food for your entire life?
Jonah has been imprisoned at Cydonia 6 and eating broccoli for as long as he can remember. Beatings, broccoli, and mind-numbing routine are all he knows. Like the rest of the planet beyond the prison camp’s towering fence, his purpose in life is a mystery-until he discovers a note written by a former inmate that warns of doom.

Something lurking in the basement of the prisoners’ barracks is taking them one-by-one. Escaping from Cydonia 6 would mean a terrifying journey into the unknown and walking through a den of ravenous monsters; but Jonah doesn’t want to be taken next.

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