Cytokines and the Abdominal Surgeon

This book describes the role of cytokines in surgical diseases of the abdomen, such as peritonitis and pancreatitis, as well as in wound healing and sepsis. 305 pages, 49 figures, 21 tables, hardcover Advances in molecular biology led to the identification of various cytokines as the key proximal links, mediating systemic and local inflammation and tissue injury in the infectious-inflammatory cascades. This book summarizes the large body of data which indicates that cytokines have an important role in many conditions that the abdominal surgeon commonly encounters. The authors were chosen based on their significant contributions to the topic. Both basic researchers and clinicians were selected in order to create a balanced book, acceptable to persons of science and cloical surgeons alike. This book will provide the surgeon with a compact resource to learn how cytokines apply to the practice, and what might be their current and future clinical relevance. GET IT FREE HERE ALTERNATIVE LINK