D-Day Britain’s Home Front by John Leete

D-Day (Britain’s Home Front): A selection of anecdotes from the build-up and launch of D-Day in June 1944 by John Leete
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Overview: This book contains a selection of anecdotes from some of the many people who experienced the build-up to and launch of D-Day in June 1944. These anecdotes are taken from original diary notes sourced from family records and county archives as well as from emails resulting from appeals for information placed in local newspapers. I also conducted personal interviews and, in the process, met people with great humility and with amazing stories to tell. I have had a fascination with the subject from my childhood curiosity with pillboxes and the many strange wartime structures I saw as I travelled with my family around the country. At age ten, I was given a tin helmet found in the garden of a house in the East End where my grandfather lived, and I subsequently started to collect ‘bits and pieces’, the scrappage of war.My first book The New Forest at War was published in 2004 and remains a best seller. I have also written national and other local titles, all based on anecdotes and from extensive archival research into Britain during the period 1939 – 1945.This book is part of an ongoing research project into the history of Britain’s Home Front during WW2. Society changes and attempts are made to rewrite history. Here the real voices of the people are heard, ensuring the story of ‘The Greatest Generation’ remains available to new and existing audiences.’We must never forget the dedication and sacrifice of a generation and the human spirit that persists even against the most overwhelming odds.
Genre: Non-Fiction, History

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