Dan Carlin – Hardcore History

Dan Carlin – Hardcore History
In "Hardcore History" the very unconventional Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", outside-the-box way of thinking and applies it to the past. Was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past eras? This is a difficult-to-classify show that has a rather sharp edge. But the innovative style and approach has made "Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History" a New Media hit.

1. Alexander versus Hitler

2. Guns & Horses

3.The Organization of Peace

4. Romancing the Tribes

5. Meandering Through the Cold War

6. Shield of the West

7. The X-History Files

8. Scars of the Great War

9. Darkness Buries the Bronze Age

10. The What-Ifs of 1066

11. Thoughts of Churchill

12. Steppe Stories

13. Bubonic Nukes

14. The Macedonian Soap Opera

15. Desperate Times

16. Nazi Tidbits

17. Judgment at Nineveh

18. A Fly on James Burke’s Wall

19. Apache Tears

20. (BLITZ) History Under the Influence

21. Punic Nightmares I

22. Punic Nightmares II

23. Punic Nightmares III

24. Classical Hanson

25. The Dyer Outlook

26. (BLITZ) Addicted to Bondage

27. Ghosts of the Ostfront I

28. Ghosts of the Ostfront II

29. Ghosts of the Ostfront III

30. Ghosts of the Ostfront IV

31. (BLITZ) Suffer the Children

32. Globalization Unto Death

33. (BLITZ) Old School Toughness

34. Death Throes of the Republic I

35. Death Throes of the Republic II

36. Death Throes of the Republic III

37. Death Throes of the Republic IV

38. Death Throes of the Republic V

39. Death Throes of the Republic VI


40. (BLITZ) Radical Thoughts

Using the two 20th Century "Red Scare" eras as case studies, Dan looks at the fear that can be generated by potentially dangerous ideas and examines the way such powerful mass emotions can cloud human judgment.

41. Thor’s Angels

What started as a standard podcast episode morphed into an audio book on what used to be called "The Dark Ages" in Europe. Dan gets into many areas he should probably avoid…gods, Germans, bikers, Jesus…

42. (BLITZ) Logical Insanity

After many listener requests, Dan examines the issue of the morality of dropping the Atomic Bombs in the Second World War. As usual, he does so in his own unique, unexpected way.

43. Wrath of the Khans I

In one of the most violent outbursts in history a little-known tribe of Eurasian nomads breaks upon the great societies of the Old World like a human tsunami. It may have ushered in the modern era, but at what cost?

44. Wrath of the Khans II

The Mongol leader Genghis Khan displays an unmatched level of strategic genius while moving against both Northern China and the Eastern Islamic world. Both civilizations are left stunned and millions are slaughtered.

45. Wrath of the Khans III

The expansion of Genghis Khan’s conquests continues, with locations as far apart as Europe and China feeling the bloody effects of Mongol warfare and retribution. Can anything halt the carnage?

46. Wrath of the Khans IV

The death of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, should have slowed the momentum of Mongol conquests, but instead it accelerated it. This time though, all of Europe is on the Mongol hit list.

47. Wrath of the Khans V

Succession issues weaken the Mongol Empire as the grandchildren of Genghis Khan fight over their imperial inheritance. This doesn’t stop them from dealing out pain, suffering, and ironically good governance while doing so.


48. Prophets of Doom

Murderous millennial preachers and prophets take over the German city of Munster after Martin Luther unleashes a Pandora’s Box of religious anarchy with the Protestant Reformation.

49. The American Peril

Imperial temptations and humanitarian nightmares force the United States of the late 19th Century to confront the contradictions between its revolutionary self-image and its expanding national interests.

50. Blueprint for Armageddon I

The planet hadn’t seen a major war between all the Great Powers since the downfall of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. But 99 years later the dam breaks and a Pandora’s Box of violence engulfs the planet.

51. Blueprint for Armageddon II

The Great Powers all come out swinging in the first round of the worst war the planet has ever seen. Millions of men in dozens of armies vie in the most deadly and complex opening moves of any conflict in world history.

52. Blueprint for Armageddon III

The war of maneuver that was supposed to be over quickly instead turns into a lingering bloody stalemate. Trench warfare begins, and with it, all the murderous efforts on both sides to overcome the static defenses.

53. Blueprint for Armageddon IV

Machine guns, barbed wire and millions upon millions of artillery shells create industrialized meat grinders at Verdun and the Somme. There’s never been a human experience like it and it changes a generation.

54 . Blueprint for Armageddon Part V


55 -57

55 – Blueprint for Armageddon VI
56 – Kings of Kings
57 – Kings of Kings II


58 – Kings of Kings III
59 – The Destroyer of Worlds


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