Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History (Podcasts/Audiobooks)

I purchased almost all of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and would gladly purchase it again. For those of you who can’t manage to purchase them, here’s the share. I would ask that at some point in the future that you donate to Dan Carlin – he’s really an amazing historian. I’ve only uploaded the purchased episodes, the rest are available free on his site.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History:


UL links (more coming, I’m uploading them myself):

Episodes 1-6:


Episodes 7-11:


Episodes 12-19:


Episodes 21-26:


Episodes 26-30: Ghosts of the Ostfront:


Episodes 31-42


Ghosts of the Ostfront were amongst my favourites. You’ll hear Dan talk about the war between the Soviets and Nazis on the Eastern Front. This is the part of the war that never gets talked about in great detail. As you’ll hear from Dan, the war between the Nazis and the West was a very, very different war from the one in the East. There were no rules. The Hague rules of war were thrown out the window. And no podcast/audiobook is complete without Dan’s twists and commentary from our perspective.

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