Dangerous Personalities by Joe Navarro, Toni Sciarra Poynter (.M4B)

Dangerous Personalities: An FBI Profiler Shows You How to Identify and Protect Yourself from Harmful People by Joe Navarro, Toni Sciarra Poynter
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Overview: We seem to wake up to a new tragedy in the news every day – Newtown, Boston, Aurora, Columbine. So often the reporters say that "there were some signs, but nobody acted". The scary part about these tragedies is that less than one percent of criminals are incarcerated for their crimes, meaning that for every headline, there are millions of dangerous situations in which average people find themselves. On top of that, how can ordinary people identify threats from those who may not hurt them physically, but can devastate their lives on a daily basis – the crazy coworkers, out-of control family members, or relentless neighbors? In Dangerous Personalities, former FBI profiler Joe Navarro shows listeners how to identify the four most common "dangerous personalities", and analyze how much of a threat each one can be: the Narcissist, the Predator, the Paranoid, and the Unstable Personality. Along the way, listeners learn how to protect themselves both immediately and long-term – as well as how to recover from the trauma of being close to such a destructive force.
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