Daniel Siegel – Mindsight

Album : Mindsight – The New Science of Personal Transformation
Performer : Daniel J. Siegel
Publisher : Brilliance Audio
Comment : From everyday stress to severe trauma, many obstacles to a full life can be overcome by developing what Dr. Daniel J. Siegel calls "mindsight," our ability to perceive the mind and literally redir0ct the flow of energy and information within our brains. Through this powerful capacity for insight and empathy, we can "rewire" crucial connections, create dynamic linkages, and open ourselves to relationships in a new way.

Based on thirty years of work with patients and on research drawn from nearly a dozen scientific fields, Mindsight brings these concepts alive through vivid case histories that show what happens when mindsight is missing, and how it can be strengthened in nine essential areas. Listeners of My Stroke of Insight or The Brain that Changes Itself will discover new ideas about memory, emotion, trauma and brain-mind integration ? plus a richer sense of their own humanity.

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